Fundamental Five

I. Honouring Your Word

Integrity isn’t just a principle; it’s our practice. We stand firm in honoring our commitments, ensuring that our words and actions are always aligned.

II. Embrace Your Truth

We embrace raw, unfiltered truth. Authenticity here means stripping away the fluff, facing realities head-on, and fostering a culture of genuine, transparent interaction.

III. Be On A Mission

Driven by a clear, compelling mission, we focus on purposeful action. Every step we take is part of a larger journey towards meaningful impact. We believe that every man should be on a mission he's willing to die for.

IV. Take Radical Responsibility

Ownership here is about radical responsibility. It's about fully embracing your role in your journey, taking charge of your path without excuses. You are responsible for your future, past and current reality.

V. Lead By Example

Our approach to accountability is grounded in tough love. It's about honest feedback, holding each other to high standards, and nurturing growth through challenging yet supportive guidance.


Domains Of Focus

How you do one thing is how you do everything. We believe that every man can and should have it all in health, wealth and relationships.


Boost your capacity by training hard, eating right, and getting good sleep.

Gain clarity through writing, meditation, and spiritual routines.

Enhance your skills and knowledge for greater competency and confidence.


Drive profits by marketing and selling top products/services.

Streamline your processes, systems and tracking KPIs.

Provide legal and financial solidity through careful accounting and cash flow management.


The key relationship is with yourself.

Master that, and then you can concentrate on your inner circle, spouse, family, and best friend.

Lastly followed by expanding your network and environment.

Ethan Blackwood
Samantha Carson
Marcus Knight
Software Developer
Sophia Rivers
DevOps Engineer
Gabriel North
Security Engineer
Isabella Stone
Data Analyst
Alexander Steele
Product Manager
Emilia Gray
Support Engineer

Meet the Members

Meet the members of our dynamic brotherhood, a diverse group of men excelling in various fields.

Each member brings unique strengths and experiences, united by a shared commitment to personal and professional growth.

Together, they embody the spirit of leadership, innovation, and camaraderie that defines our ethos.

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What our Members say

We are proud to work with these incredible men and grateful for their commitment to do the work that was required.

I'm Mang - market strategist for Software, Brands and Influencers.

My superpower is also my weakest link: the ability to think and strategize about complex topics.

Before teaming up with Rowan, I used to be stuck in my own head, always overthinking and making endless backup plans.

Procrastination was a constant, and the fear of failure and perfectionism.

Working with Rowan aimed to fix these issues, and it turned out that childhood traumas and limiting beliefs about work and money were at the root of it all. The key takeaway was that setbacks are just a part of life; it's how you handle them that matters for personal growth.

I strongly recommend every entrepreneur to have a performance coach, especially someone like Rowan.

He helps you uncover blind spots, tackle that inner voice causing doubt, and guide you in decision-making.

Rowan isn't just a coach; he's a person who genuinely helps you level up.

It's about taking responsibility for all aspects of your life – business, health, mental well-being, and relationships – with solid accountability.

Mang Li - Marketing Strategist

I've been to a mastermind organised by Rowan in the previous weekend and it was a very insightful experience in which I learned that I was lacking in other aspects of my life that don't include business.

There were also a select group of people at various levels in business and life experience, which made the event even more interesting and educational.

Benan Akif - Ecommerce

I've worked with Rowan for a year, he really helped me structuring my business. I had no systems for my business and most of my work with ad-hoc.

Together with Rowan I've set up a full finance structure and also made a yearly planning.

I would recommend Rowan to others, he is friendly and polite but also very critical.

I think his criticism is something that every business could benefit.

Jan Luites - Ecommerce

“I was surprised by the high frequency of chats and by how the customers using it got right to the point. SaaSup is the most intuitive and modern live chat we found."

Project photo
Nathanial Frost

“People often tell us that they love the chat and think it’s modern – something they have expected from a company.“

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Sophia Rivers

I have been working with Rowan for 1 year now and this year has led to the greatest growth in both my business and personally.

Rowan is a 'leader by example' and this is reflected in his coaching. All in all, I recommend every entrepreneur to work with Rowan to take your business and personal leadership to the next level.

Koen Joosten - Marketing Agency Owner

We worked together 1 on 1 last year and this made a huge impact. Great strides have been made both personally and professionally.

Through the coaching I discovered how much I am fooling myself and how much more is possible.

Rowan can be your partner at the right time and your mentor when necessary.

The perfect balance for me.

Stef vd Kimmenade - DTC Brand

My name is Vincent Yaldoo. I build SAAS, private equity, and credit card processing.
I started to work with Rowan because I met him in Europe.

He taught me about mindset, strength and honor. He really changed my entire perspective on how to work toward achieving my dreams.

Since I worked with Rowan I have been sober for 6 months, built some great cashflow, have closed a couple big private equity deals, and actually started to mentor some kids myself now.

I recommend him to others because there is no fluff here. This is the real stuff.

Vincent Yaldoo - SAAS

My name is Maik Biemans and I am the owner of Ecom Education. I started with Rowan to focus on my mindset and creating a straight line leadership focus in my business.

Since working with Rowan, I make better choices, procrastinate less and do what needs to be done.

Rowan is a calm, collected coach who knows exactly what to say to steer you in the right direction.

I definitely recommend Rowan because it has brought me a lot during the period that he guided me and I still benefit from it.

Maik Biemans - Coaching

“I just checked this out, and have never been so happy.“

Project photo
Alexander Steele

“People often tell us that they love the chat and think it’s modern – something they have expected from a company."

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Penelope Cross

In the past six months, my growth on both a personal and business level has accelerated significantly.

Thanks to the insights Rowan gave me, I managed to make a new business more profitable than my previous business within 4 months.

The coaching has made me a more complete person in every respect. I wish this for everyone

René Crooijmans - Ecommerce

Great coach who is good at his job, unique and sincere and has become a personal friend over the years.

Helped me get my life back on track in several areas and found friends for life through his network.

Nothing but good things to say about it

Job Buitelaar -Ecommerce

My name is Toby. I run my own direct to consumer company.

I met Rowan on a networking event and had the pleasure of spending lots of time with him and attending a mastermind of his.

Rowan taught me a lot about accountability. Which is now a huge part of my life. Especially being the founder of a company.

The Founders brain is a direct reflection of what happens in the business.

Before I met Rowan I didn't have a "crystal clear goal and plan" I was simply spectating and going through life with no execution and not exactly work towards something.

I worked hard and achieved but with zero structure and clear plan in my head. Which lead to inconsistency.

Now I know where exactly I want to be and want to achieve with my business which is having a direct response within the business.

With tracking and hitting our monthly forecasts and working slowly towards the end goal.

If you want to take the next step in becoming a better man in all departments I highly recommend working with Rowan and The Pure Man.

Toby Gilbey - D2C Brand

Roan, working in e-commerce for 2,5 years now dropshipping, selling with stock and branding.The reason i started working with Rowan is my days had no structure, i was not that social in most places and i was chaotic behind my laptop working the whole day and getting not a lot of things done.

Rowan brought structure to my work and personal life and helped me level up as an entrepreneur and most important as a man in life!

Since starting with Rowan my revenue and profit doubled every year we at a x4 point now since starting in yearly profit.

I would recommend it to everyone that either wants to level up as an entrepreneur and a man in life.

Profit is nice but being a good man with more profit is even better.

Roan Becholz - Ecommerce

Incredible experience, actually life changing one!

Rowan is one of the most capable coaches I have ever met, trust this man with your growth and you will be amazed with the results!

Thanks for everything!

Arnold Koci - Agency Owner

I am Gerben en together with Rowan I am working on becoming the best version of myself in business, health and relationships.

I started working with Rowan because I could achieve so much more in live if I had someone who guides me, where I can share all my struggles with and helps me to become a better leader inside and outside the business.

Since I started working with Rowan this year my business has gone x3 in revenue, and on his recommendation, I lived in Bali for 3 months to get out of my safe comfort zone in the Netherlands.

I definitely recommend working with Rowan if you want to become a pure man, a man with a successful business, good and meaningful relationships and mentally and physically strong.

Gerben Dimmendaal - Ecommerce

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